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ICEF Research Seminar

The seminar provides an open platform for presentation and discussion of research published in international journals by Russian and international academic economists. The seminar programme covers the whole range of academic economics and finance, both theoretical and applied.

Generally the seminar takes place each Thursday at 4.30 pm (Moscow time) throughout the academic year. It also serves as a research seminar for the ICEF MSc Programme in Financial Economics

ICEF seminars are open to everyone interested (a pass is required for participants coming from outside of the HSE). If you need a pass, or would like to subscribe to our mailing lists, please contact us here.

The seminar is organized by Tatiana Mayskaya (Economics) and Sylvain Carré (Finance).

Forthcoming seminars:


Past seminars:

Дата: 18.02.2020
Докладчик: Nazım Tamkoç (Arizona State University) - JMS
Тема: "Production Complexity, Talent Misallocation and Development" >>>

Date: 11.02.2020
Speaker: Ingomar Krohn (Copenhagen Business School) - JMS
Theme: "Time-Varying Global Dollar Risk in Currency Markets" >>>

Date: 06.02.2020
Speaker: Stefan Voigt (Vienna Graduate School of Finance) - JMS
Theme: "Arbitrage, Liquidity and Price Informativeness" >>>

Date: 05.02.2020
Speaker: Luca Mazzone (University of Zürich) - JMS
Theme: "Go Big or Buy a Home: Student Debt, Human Capital and Wealth Accumulation" >>>

Date: 04.02.2020
Speaker: Vladimir Smirnyagin (University of Minnesota) - JMS
Theme: "Compositional Nature of Firm Growth and Aggregate Fluctuations" >>>

Date: 03.02.2020
Speaker: Panagiotis Margaris (Stockholm School of Economics) - JMS
Theme: "Can Wealth Buy Health? A Model of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Investments in Health" >>>

Date: 30.01.2020
Speaker: Runjie Geng (PhD from University of Zurich) - JMS
Theme: "Recursive Equilibria in Dynamic Economies with Bounded Rationality" >>>

Date: 23.01.2020
Speaker: Ruslan Sverchkov (University of Pennsylvania) - JMS
Theme: "Selling to Investor Network: Allocations in the Primary Corporate Bond Market" >>>

Date: 14.01.2020
Speaker: Dakyung Seong (UC Davis) - JMS
Theme: "Binary Response Model with Many Weak Instrumental Variables" >>>

Date: 17.12.2019
Speaker: Oleg Baranov (University of Colorado at Boulder) - JMS
Theme: "Revealed Preference and Activity Rules in Dynamic Auctions" >>>

Date: 21.11.2019
Speaker: Marzena Rostek (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Theme: "Exchange Design and Efficiency" >>>

Date: 31.10.2019
Speaker: ICEF workshop with Antonio Penta >>>

Date: 17.10.2019
Speaker: Phillip C. Stocken (Dartmouth College)
Theme: "Public Communication between Rival Managers and Analysts" joint with Xu Jiang >>>

Date: 10.10.2019
Speaker: Ivan A. Canay (Northwestern University)
Theme: "The Wild Bootstrap with a “Small” Number of “Large” Clusters" joint with Andres Santos and Azeem M. Shaikh >>>

Date: 26.09.2019
Speaker: Jan Eeckhout (UPF-GSE Barcelona)
Theme: "Quantifying Market Power" joint with Jan De Loecker и Simon Mongey >>>

Date: 12.09.2019
Speaker: Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po)
Theme: "Monetary Easing, Leveraged Payouts and Lack of Investment" joint with Viral V. Acharya >>>

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