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ICEF Research Seminar

The seminar provides an open platform for presentation and discussion of research published in international journals by Russian and international academic economists. The seminar programme covers the whole range of academic economics and finance, both theoretical and applied.

Generally the seminar takes place each Thursday at 4.30 pm (Moscow time) throughout the academic year. It also serves as a research seminar for the ICEF MSc Programme in Financial Economics

ICEF seminars are open to everyone interested (a pass is required for participants coming from outside of the HSE). If you need a pass, or would like to subscribe to our mailing lists, please contact us here.

The seminar is organized by Tatiana Mayskaya (Economics) and Luca Gelsomini (Finance).

Forthcoming seminars:


Past seminars:

Date: 31.10.2019
Speaker: ICEF workshop with Antonio Penta >>>

Date: 17.10.2019
Speaker: Phillip C. Stocken (Dartmouth College)
Theme: "Public Communication between Rival Managers and Analysts" joint with Xu Jiang >>>

Date: 10.10.2019
Speaker: Ivan A. Canay (Northwestern University)
Theme: "The Wild Bootstrap with a “Small” Number of “Large” Clusters" joint with Andres Santos and Azeem M. Shaikh >>>

Date: 26.09.2019
Speaker: Jan Eeckhout (UPF-GSE Barcelona)
Theme: "Quantifying Market Power" joint with Jan De Loecker и Simon Mongey >>>

Date: 12.09.2019
Speaker: Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po)
Theme: "Monetary Easing, Leveraged Payouts and Lack of Investment" joint with Viral V. Acharya >>>

Date: 27.06.2019
Speaker: Ron Kaniel (University of Rochester)
Theme: "Relative Pay for Non-Relative Performance: Keeping up with the Joneses with Optimal Contracts" joint with Peter M. DeMarzo >>>

Date: 20.06.2019
Speaker: Stanislav Anatolyev (CERGE-EI / NES)
Theme: "Weak (but Relevant) Instrument Robust t and Wald Tests" joint with Olga Kuzmina >>>

Date: 13.06.2019
Second Workshop series of the Laboratory of Financial Economics >>>

Date: 30.05.2019
Speaker: Aleksey Tetenov (University of Geneva)
Theme: "An Economic Theory of Statistical Testing" >>>

Date: 28.05.2019
First Workshop series of the Laboratory of Financial Economics >>>

Date: 16.05.2019
Speaker: Andriy Bodnaruk (UIC)
Theme: "Shareholders as Creditors of First Resort" joint with Marco Rossi >>>

Date: 18.04.2019
Speaker: Shruti Sinha (TSE)
Theme: "Identification and Estimation in Many-to-One Two-Sided Matching without Transfers" joint with Yinghua He >>>

Date: 11.04.2019
Speaker: Kiryl Khalmetski (University of Cologne)
Theme: "Disliking to Disagree" joint with Florian Hoffmann and Mark T. Le Quement >>>

Date: 04.04.2019
Speaker: Marciano Siniscalchi (Northwestern University)
Theme: "Structural Rationality in Dynamic Games" >>>

Date: 28.03.2019
Speaker: Alexander Rodnyansky (University of Cambridge)
Theme: "(Un)Competitive Devaluations and Firm Dynamics" >>>

Date: 21.03.2019
Speaker: Alexey Zhdanov (Penn State University)
Theme: "Venture Capital Investments and Merger and Acquisition Activity around the World" joint with Gordon M. Phillips >>>

Date: 07.03.2019
Speaker: Jean-Denis Garon (UQAM, Canada)
Theme: "Optimal mixed taxation, credit constraints and the timing of income tax reporting" joint with Robin Boadway and Louis Perrault >>>

Date: 19.02.2019
Speaker: Emre Ekinci (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) - JMS
Theme: "The Effect of Firing Costs on Worker Productivity and Turnover: Theory and Evidence" joint with David Wehrheim >>>

Date: 18.02.2019
Speaker: Jose Faias (Católica Lisbon SBE) - JMS
Theme: "Predicting Influential Recommendation Revisions" >>>

Date: 13.02.2019
Speaker: Grzegorz Dlugoszek (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) - JMS
Theme: "Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Uncertainty" >>>

Date: 11.02.2019
Speaker: Dimitrios Papadimitriou (LSE) - JMS
Theme: "Trading under Uncertainty about other Market Participants" >>>

Date: 08.02.2019
Speaker: Sylvain Carré (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) - JMS
Theme: "Disclosures, Rollover Risk, and Debt Runs" >>>

Date: 07.02.2019
Speaker: Kirill Shakhnov (EIEF) - JMS
Theme: "Limited Participation and Local Currency Sovereign Debt" >>>

Date: 06.02.2019
Speaker: Carlo Cabrera (LSE) - JMS
Theme: "Screening with Information Acquisition" >>>

Date: 29.01.2019
Speaker: Marcos Dinerstein (University of Minnesota) - JMS
Theme: "Misallocation in Economies with Financial Frictions and Firing Costs" >>>

Date: 21.12.2018
Speaker: Annie Liang (University of Pennsylvania)
Theme: "Complementary Information and Learning Traps" joint with Xiaosheng Mu >>>

Date: 20.12.2018
Speaker: Ben Golub (Harvard University)
Theme: "Social Learning in a Dynamic Environment" joint with Krishna Dasaratha and Nir Hak >>>

Date: 19.12.2018
Speaker: Alexey Makarin (Northwestern University) - JMS
Theme: "Trading with the Enemy: The Impact of Conflict on Trade Transactions in Non-Conflict Areas" joint with Vasily Korovkin >>>

Date: 08.11.2018
Speaker: Arina Nikandrova (Birkbeck, University of London)
Theme: "The Effect of Mergers on Innovation" joint with Kaustav Das >>>

Date: 18.10.2018
Speaker: Daniel N Hauser (Aalto University)
Theme: "Social Learning with Model Misspecification: A Framework and a Robustness Result" joint with J. Aislinn Bohren >>>

Date: 11.10.2018
Speaker: Bradyn Breon-Drish (University of California, San Diego)
Theme: "Dynamic Information Acquisition and Entry into New Markets" joint with Snehal Banerjee >>>

Date: 27.09.2018
Speaker: Joel Peress (INSEAD)
Theme: "Glued to the TV: Distracted Noise Traders and Stock Market Liquidity" joint with Daniel Schmidt >>>

Date: 13.09.2018
Speaker: Balazs Szentes (LSE)
Theme: "Optimal Monitoring Design" joint with George Georgiadis >>>

Date: 06.09.2018
Speaker: Gustavo Manso (Haas School of Business)
Theme: "Heterogeneous Innovation and the Antifragile Economy" >>>

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