Mentorship program

All tenure-track ICEF faculty members are entitled to the advice and feedback of experienced researcher in his or her narrow field. Advisors are local or external senior academics who supply ICEF FTA with constructive advice on career development, including publication strategy, specific research questions, responses to referee reports, and other research related issues. Former supervisor or any other senior colleague, solicited by the ICEF FTA or suggested by ICEF Research Council, can act in this role.

ICEF FTAs can contact their potential advisors on behalf of ICEF to solicit their willingness to act in this role. ICEF shall be happy to facilitate interactions between the advisor and advisee, including research invitation of advisor to Moscow, meetings at international conferences etc.

Please consult the ICEF Research Council officers Alex Boulatov (aboulatov@hse.ru) and Maxim Nikitin (mnikitin@hse.ru) with respect to this service.