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Publications in 2012



"From Consumer Incomes to Car Ages: How the Distribution of Income Affects the Distribution of Vehicle Vintages"

Working Paper, March 2012
Anna Yurko

"Bi-currency versus Single-Currency Targeting: Lessons from the Russian Experience"

Review of International Economics, Vol. 20, No. 4, Pages 707–722, 2012
Vladimir Sokolov

"Employment and Distribution Effects of the Minimum Wage"
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 84, No. 1, Pages 245-264, 2012
Fabian Slonimczyk, Peter Skott (University of Massachusetts)

"Performance of domestic and cross-border acquisitions: Empirical evidence from Russian acquirers"
Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 40, No. 3, Pages  413-437, 2012
Marie-Ann Betschinger, Olivier Bertrand (SKEMA Business School)

"Human capital acquisition and international migration in a model of educational market"

Regional Science and Urban Economics, Vol. 42, No. 5, Pages 808–816, September 2012
Roman Zakharenko

"The Effect of Taxation on Informal Employment: Evidence from the Russian Flat Tax Reform"
Research in Labor Economics, No. 34, Pages 55-99, 2012
Fabian Slonimczyk

"In Pursuit for Impeccable Veracity"
Economics Letters, Vol. 114, No. 3, Pages 273-275, March 2012 

"Fraternities and Labor Market Outcomes"
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Vol. 4, No. 1, Pages 116-141, 2012
S.PopovDan Bernhardt (Carnegie Mellon University)

ICEF Working Papers

"Globalization, Exchange Rate Regimes and Financial Contagion"
WP9/2012/04. – Moscow: Publishing House of the Higher School of Economics, 2012
Maxim Nikitin, Alexandra Solovyeva, Branko Urosevic 

"Playing against an Apparent Opponent: Incentives for Care, Litigation, and Damage Caps under Self-Serving Bias"
WP9/2012/03. – Moscow: Publishing House of the Higher School of Economics, 2012
Maxim Nikitin, Claudia Landeo, Sergei Izmalkov

"Liquidity, asymmetric information and asset pricing on the Russian stock market"
WP9/2012/01. – Moscow: Publishing House of the University – Higher School of Economics, 2012
Sergey Gelman, Dmitry Borisenko