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Regular version of the site

ICEF Teaching and Learning Centre

Our mission: promoting excellence in learning and teaching.

  • Fostering and rewarding high quality
  • Exploring new ideas and practices
  • Enhancing students’ learning experience


  1. Transforming teaching, learning, assessment
    • Instructional design

    • Active learning techniques

    • Formative and summative assessment

  2. Integrating blended approaches
    • Adding value to existing curriculum
    • Supporting and enhancing the quality of face-to-face teaching and learning
  3. Redesigning teaching and learning spaces


Our partners


EDEN Centre (EDucational ENhancement, former Teaching and Learning Centre and Learning Technology and Innovation)

International Programmes Office


Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (EU project: Critical thinking and Creativity)


eLearning Office


Students survey - MSc

Dear ICEF students,
Student evaluation of the courses and teachers has started.
Please answer the questions (general, courses, teachers), which you will find in the ICEF Information system, by December 5.
The survey is anonymous.