ICEF students and staff have access to a broad range of international resources for research and educational purposes - including the electronic libraries of the Higher School of Economics - and electronic databases. Both collections are among the largest in Russian academia, and are continually expanding.

Library resources are accessible through the university gateway http://library.hse.ru, and are accessible to anyone on the HSE campus, or externally through a password-protected gateway. Current subscriptions include access to JSTOR (Arts & Sciences collections I-IV and some others), Sciencedirect (including backdated collections of the key journals in economics and finance), AEA journals (current issues), Springer Link, Blackwell Synergy, Oxford journals, Cambridge journals online, Wiley, Taylor&Francis, Sage, the databases of EBSCO, ProQuest, and some others. The library supports an electronic catalogue of available international editions.

ICEF also has a small library devoted to international academic books, stocked according to the requests of the faculty. Another extremely handy tool is the teacher-student online intranet system mief.hse.ru.

Electronic data available at ICEF include the main sources of Russian data, such as the Rosstat datasets, as well as many open or subscription-based databases, such as RLMS, NOBUS and Spark. International data sources are available through the HSE subscription, which currently covers Bloomberg, van Dijk, Reuters (Amadeus (EU) and Ruslana CEE) and Datastream, Compustat and CRSP will also soon be available.