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Student Research Archive

ICEF students - winners and prize-winners of the Higher School of Economics student research competition, 2004-2017:


Nomination: «Best master’s/graduate’s work in Economics»
1 place:
Daniil Dmitriev, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2017 
Uncertainty and Self-Enforceability in Games
Supervisor: Emiliano Catonini
Natalya Gimpelson, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2017
Welfare Implications of Migration: A General Equilibrium Approach
Supervisor: Udara Peiris
Ekaterina Potemkina, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2017
Монетарная политика при отрицательных процентных ставках
Supervisor: Udara Peiris
Dias Ahmetbekov, 2 year, MSc programme
Influence of Democratic Reforms in Neighbouring Countries on Existing Regimes
Supervisor: Konstantin Sonin
Nomination: «Best bachelor’s work in Finance»
Polina Pilyugina, 4 year, BSc programme
Изучение влияния Brexit на финансовые рынке
Supervisor: Vladimir Sokolov
Nomination: «Best master’s/graduate’s work in Finance»
Ekaterina Byanovskaya, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2017
Implied Higher Moments of the Returns Prior to Macroeconomic Events
Supervisor: Sergey Gelman
Nomination: «Best master’s/graduate’s work in Management»
Aleksandra Seleznyova, 2 year, MSc programme
Managing Customer Lifetime Value in Client Communities
Supervisor: Alexis Belianin


Nomination: «Best master’s/graduate’s work in Economics»
3 place
Pavel Taranin, ICEF MSc programme graduate 2016
Empirical Test of Threshold Utility Functions
Supervisor: Alexis Belianin
Maria Naumova, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2016
Environmental pollution in a mixed oligopoly
Supervisor: Alla Fridman
Vasilisa Baranova, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2016
On the political economy of cartel of nations
Supervisor: Andrei Dementiev 
Nomination: «Best master’s/graduate’s work in Finance»
3 place
Vadim Kostomarov, ICEF MSc programme graduate 2016
Impact of Implied Moments of Returns' Distribution on the Dynamics of Returns
Supervisor: Sergey Gelman
Valeriya Dukova, 1 year, MSc programme
Факторы, определяющие избыточную доходность портфеля ценных бумаг ПИФов
Supervisor: Aleksandra Galanova
Nomination: «Best bachelor’s work in Finance»
Ekaterina Byanovskaya, 4 year, BSc programme
An empirical study of relationship between CDS and Russian sovereign bond markets. The influence of macroeconomic conditions and liquidity
Supervisor: Elena Kochegarova
Nomination: «Bestmaster’s/graduate’s work in Management»
Anna Klykova, 1 year, MSc programme
Portfolio risk management of construction projects
Supervisor: Dmitry Barkhatov


Nomination: «Best MSc students' and 2015 graduates' work in Economics»
3 place
Titova Maria, ICEF MSc programme graduate 2015
The General Model of Consumer Search
Supervisor: Alexey Parakhonyak
Meskovskis Arturs, ICEF MSc programme graduate 2015
Long-run Equilibrium Patterns of Regional Residential Real Estate Markets in Russia
Supervisor: Carsten Sprenger
Kazakova Ekaterina, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2015
Transmission of foreign trade and financial shocks in a small open economy: a case of Iceland
Supervisor: Vladimir Sokolov, Oksana Malahovskaya
Nomination: «Best BSc students' work in Economics»
Chegaeva Ekaterina, 3 year, BSc programme
Personality, framing effect and unadulterated preferences
Supervisor: Alexis Belyanin


Nomination: «Best bachelor’s work in Economics»
2 place
Taranin Pavel, 3 year, ICEF BSc programme
Inefficiencies of advertising auctions in search engines
Supervisor: Alexis Belyanin
Nomination: «Best master’s/graduate’s work 2014 in Economics»
3 place (А)
Titov Vitaliy, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2014 year
Incentive Schemes Under O-Ring Production Functions
Supervisor: Kosmas Marinakis
3 place (B)
Titova Maria, 2 year, MSc programme
Consumer Search
Supervisor: Alexey Parakhonyak
Artem Gudov, 2 year, MSc programme
Values of national sporting success and hosting of the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014
Supervisor: Alexis Belyanin
Ruslan Durdyev, 2 year, MSc programme
Автокорреляция в глобальном стохастическом тренде
Supervisor: Anatoly Peresetsky
Pavel Sokolov, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2014 year
Option-implied skewness, kurtosis and cross-section of stock returns
Supervisor: Sergey Gelman


Nomination: «Best master’s/graduate’s work in Economics»
1 place
Arseniy Mischin, ICEF BSc programme graduate 2013 year
Эконометрическое моделирование макроэкономических процессов в современной российской экономике
Supervisor: Oleg Zamkov
2 place
Ivan Larionov, ICEF MSc programme graduate 2013 year
Information flows in Russian financial markets: application of Hasbrouck measure
Supervisor: Alexey Boulatov
Nomination: «Best bachelor’s work in Economics»
1 place – was not awarded
2 place
Elizaveta Elizarova, 4 year, ICEF BSc programme
First Evidence of Optimism Bias in the Trust Game
Supervisor: Yury Avtonomov
Elizaveta Okorokova, 4 year, ICEF BSc programme
Risks and Cooperation: Experimental Study of Human Mating Strategies
Supervisor: Alexis Belyanin


Nomination: «Best bachelor’s work in Economics»
Vitaliy Titov, 3 year ICEF BSc programme
Ethnic Discrimination in Russian Labour Market
Supervisor: Alexis Belyanin
Elizaveta Elizarova, 3 year, ICEF BSc programme
Costs of Cheating or Gains of Proceeding: Built - In Punishment And Reward In The Investment Game
Supervisor: Yury Avtonomov
Nomination: «Best master’s work 2014 in Economic»
3 place. 
Artem Zhorin, ICEF BSc programme graduate
Конкуренция и регулирование на рынке водоснабжения
Supervisor: Alla Fridman
Mark Ozerov, ICEF BSc programme graduate
Forecasting Commodity Prices Using Past Equity Prices
Supervisor: Vladimir Sokolov
Natalya Krotkova, ICEF MSc programme graduate
Микроструктура рынка, косвенная оценка транзакционных издержек и инсайдерские сделки на рынке ценных бумаг в развивающихся странах
Supervisor: Sergey Gelman 
Ilya Korobkov, ICEF BSc programme graduate
Проверка Гипотезы Голландской Болезни в России
Supervisor: Oleg Zamkov


Nomination: «Best master’s and graduate’s work in Economics in 2011»
1 place 
Dmitry Storcheus, ICEF graduate
Оценка опционов в непрерывном времени при условии шоков в цене базового актива, происходящих в фиксированные моменты. 
Supervisor: Sergey Gelman
3 place. 
Maria Gnevysheva, ICEF graduate
Частные трансферты в России: структура и динамика.
Supervisor: Olga Kuzina
Daria Chibisova, ICEF graduate
Теоретический анализ медиарынков с помощью модели Хотеллинга с неравномерно распределенными потребителями
Supervisor: Alexis Belyanin
Nina Ryabichenko, ICEF graduate
Как выплаты дивидендов влияют на стоимость акций компаний в странах БРИК 
Supervisor: Stanimir Morfov
Nomination: «Best bachelor’s work in Sociology»
Alina Sunsheva, 3 year. 
Цепи Маркова — частный случай случайного процесса, применительно к изучению состояния рейтинга МИЭФ 
Supervisor: Vladimir Chernyak


Volkov D.B. «The Analysis of consumer inflation in Russia per 2004-2010. Model of correction errors.» (1st place - BSc)
Osintsev Y.M. "Venture financing of start-ups: model of a contract between a businessman and a venture fund" 
pdf versionAkst N.N. "The effect of asymmetric information on under pricing of IPO"
Zalilova R.V. «The optimal structure of remuneration of managers of corporations in the crisis period 2007-2009» (2nd place - MSc)
Makarov D.B. «Evolutionary dynamics in symmetric games with various individuals and a competition of standards»


Akst N.N. "The effect of asymmetric information on under pricing of IPO"
Ermolova O.M. "Multimarket contact and competitive behavior of the company"
Mitskevich E.E. "Signals, incentives, and reputation at the market of consulting services"
Frolov A.A. "Estimation of market risks in arbitration strategies"
Valuev A.V. "Psychological analysis of investors behavior and its application"
Kisileva E.V. "Total factorial productivity"
Kolpakova E.K. "Determinants of capital structure in the emerging markets"
Pavlovskaya V.D. "Social marketing as a social policy tool" 
Khadikova B.A. "Export dynamics in the era of the world financial crisis"
Shabanova A.A. "Image and reputation in a modern economy"
Fediyk N.N. "Mergers and acquisitions in contemporary Russia"


M. Dmitriev Structural analysis of fertility in Russia
pdf версияA.Duhonina Ownership structure in Russian enterprises and its relation with their performance
pdf версияT.Lambova European Union and European regional integration agreements: trade creation and trade diversion effects
pdf версия 
E.Mitskevich "Modification of the principal-agent model of the interaction of the consultant and the client on the market for consulting services"  pdf version


V.Sukhomlinov, "Corporate Wars in a Transitional Economy"
V.Mukharliamov, "Price Bubbles in the Financial Markets"
O.Kuzmina, "Self-insurance and Self-patronage: the General Case with Cross Effects"
N.Terekhova, "Management of the Liquidity of the Banking Sector and Crises of Liquidity"
F.Yukhtmakher, "Influence of Dividend Policies on the Price of Shares of the Company"


A.Sosnovsky, "Application of Kalman’s Filter for an Estimation of Profitability of Share Investment Funds"
A.Neklyudov, "Evolution of Public Institutes and Economic Growth"


N.Vinokurova, "Features of the Management of a Firm’s Image When Introducing a New Product"


E.Gorlina, "Formation of an Optimum Portfolio by Investments in Shares and Investment Funds"
J.Chekunaeva, "Models of the Analysis of Expected Profitability of Shares in Growing Capital Markets"
D.Mukhina, "Stability in a System of Private Money"

The best student papers are presented at a regular student conference and published in a collection entitled “Best research papers by ICEF students”.